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Obama, Congress Should Copy JFK’s First Days in Office and Protect the Hungry

President Obama and the Congress, as they grapple with the federal budget, also need to protect the hungry. Read More »

Senate Urged to Support Food for Peace Program

The Senate needs to stand united and fight global hunger with Food for Peace. Read More »

College Class Takes on Hunger and Poverty at Home and Abroad

There are many ways students can take action to end hunger and poverty. Read More »

Obama, Congress, Global Hunger and Plumpy’nut

History will judge this administration and Congress on how they respond to emergency food crisis Read More »

Josette Sheeran of WFP Ranked 30th Most Powerful Woman by Forbes

Sheeran has emerged in recent years as the lead "food ambassador" in the struggle to fight global hunger. Read More »

Interview with Nicole Weaver, Author of My Birthday is September Eleven and Other Short Stories

Nicole Weaver writers trilingual books for children. Read More »

Haiti: Keeping Focused on Fighting Hunger

The media spotlight may have moved on from Haiti, but the tremendous need is still very much present. Read More »

Happy Birthday to Ike’s Food for Peace, But Will There Be More?

The House of Representatives has proposed reducing Food for Peace funding. Read More »

The Fast Gathering Storm of Hunger

With hunger fast engulfing the globe, the U.S. cannot withdraw its role as the leader in facing this crisis Read More »

Obama’s Foreign Policy Facing Toughest Foe: Hunger

President Obama is facing a critical foreign policy test with hunger emergencies unfolding in Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan Read More »