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How Hackers Outsmarted Journalists and Computers

Human error has been blamed for the media outlet hack and consequental computer-generated financial sell-off. Read More »

FBI Arrests LulzSec Hackers with Help of Former “Leader”

FBI unseals arrest and guilty pleas of LulzSec member Sabu, now revealed as an FBI informant. Read More »

Book Review: Mindhacker: 60 Tips, Tricks, and Games to Take Your Mind to the Next Level by Ron Hale-Evans and Marty Hale-Evans

Sixty fun tips to sharpen your brain. Read More »

Script Kiddies Score With “The President is Dead!”

Youthful hackers violated Twitter this Fourth of July weekend to claim that the President was dead. Read More »

Book Review: Dear Hacker: Letters To The Editor Of 2600 by Emmanuel Goldstein

Dear Hacker is a fascinating collection of letters to the editor of 2600 magazine. Read More »

Book Review: The Ark of Adams by Jack Kane

Alternate reality as a safety net. Can a different chance change the true reality of the human race? Read More »

Will Hacker Vigilantes and Wikileaks Inspire a New Generation of Cyber Warriors?

Campaigners for and against Wikileaks haven’t been particularly scrupulous, and the criminal element is ever-present to exploit situations like this. Read More »

Book Review: Hackers: Heroes Of The Computer Revolution by Steven Levy

A 25th Anniversary edition of the best book written on the history of hackers. Read More »