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Interview With Kieran Crowley, the author of ‘Hack: A Shepherd Novel’


"I’ve spent many years dealing with cops and crooks and serial killers and every type of crime there is, as well as working for a newspaper in New York – so my research was already done." Read More »

The “Epic Hack” of Wired’s Mat Honan – Social Engineering at Work

Wired Magazine's Mat Honan publicly falls victim to social engineering hacktivism, and documents his story Read More »

DNS Changer Malware and the FBI’s July 9th Deadline: What It Is and What You Should Know

July 9th can be an internet shutdown for some thanks to the havoc caused by DNS Changer Read More »

FBI Arrests LulzSec Hackers with Help of Former “Leader”

FBI unseals arrest and guilty pleas of LulzSec member Sabu, now revealed as an FBI informant. Read More »

Smartphone Spy – Mobile Carriers Caught Secretly Skimming Android User Info

Android devices pre-equipped with Carrier IQ software spy on users' every word without their knowledge. Read More »

Hacking, Social Engineering, and RSA

RSA determines recent attacks were nation-state sponsored - social engineering a probable cause Read More »

First PSN, now SOE: Sony’s Wounds Deepen

Sony finds more hacked damage, this time against SOE. Read More »

Welcome Back? Sony’s Answer to the PSN Fiasco

Sony offers an apology and free premium services to hold on to their customer base. Read More »

PSN Hack: What’s Happening?

What exactly is going on? Read More »