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Should Doctors Be Able to Lie to Patients? Arizona Republicans Say “Yes!”

The great game of "I'm more conservative than you!" has reached a new low. Read More »

Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro January 7, 2012

I don't understand why it is so hard for law abiding citizens to have weapons. Read More »

Book Review: In Her Sights by Robin Perini

Finding a way to fit in as a female SWAT sniper - a mix of romance and thrills. Read More »

Book Review: Roll of The Die by Sean P. Bridges

A gambling obsession, gambling in a game of life, six will enter but only one will survive. Read More »

Book Review: The Bad, The Good and Two Fly Fishing Women by Randy Kadish

A fly fishing and family oriented dream. A life of simple pleasures. Read More »

Book Review: The Fire Inside: A Side Kicks Novel by Raymond Rose

Saving a world from villains in the usual superhero fashion. Read More »

Book Review: Steam Queen by Jack Hessey

A world where mercenaries roam freely to protect the town and railways from bandits. Read More »

Book Review: The Shepherd by Ethan Cross

A Tale of Murder and horror. Will vigilante justice win? Read More »

Book Review: The Digital Sea by Thomas Carpenter

A view from the digital sea - is it the answer for the future or just another product to be manipulated? Read More »

After The Arizona Massacre, The Issue Almost No One Is Talking About But On Which (Hopefully) We Can Agree

Left and right agree the accused gunman was deranged. Perhaps we should consider mental health services as a public safety investment. Read More »