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Democratic Presidential Candidates’ First Debate of 2016 – The Gloves Are Off


Overall we come away from last night’s debate with a clear picture of these three people: Mr. Sanders is the outsider; Mrs. Clinton the insider, and Mr. O’Malley the odd man out. Read More »

Language Matters in Life and Business: Gun Rhetoric Control


In sloganeering, clarity must come first. Read More »

Shooting Stars – The Media Promotes Terrorism and Obama Stokes Gun Sales


All this media attention on killers and terrorists is merely giving food to the monster that doth mock the hand that feeds it. Read More »

Senate Rejects Gun Purchase Background Checks

The Senate fails to reach the 60 votes necessary to pass gun background checks. Read More »

Gun Control Compromise Reached in the Senate

A compromise gun control measure could pass in Congress. Read More »

The Broader Implications of a Clear Inability to Ban Assault Weapons

Have the people lost? Have the corrupt become so strong as to be unassailable? Read More »

“Assault Weapons” Defined; How America Could Regulate Rifles

The term "assault weapon" is at the head of the efforts by gun control advocates to regulate military-style firearms. But what weapons actually make the cut? Read More »

State Gun Laws: An Analysis

As Washington addresses the issue of reforming America's gun laws, their sights should not be aimed at federal policy, but at those of the fifty states. Read More »

Strengthening Gun Laws

An examination of existing Connecticut gun laws. Read More »

The Second Amendment: Wrong Centerpiece for the Gun Debate

Controls on military-style weapons won't stop gun violence, but would say much about who we are as a people. Read More »