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Book Review: Creole Belle by James Lee Burke

Dave and Clete ride again! Read More »

Come to the Real Florida

See you at the Worm Grunter’s Ball! Read More »

Let Them Play Golf!

What happens when a President faces an unfolding disaster? He goes golfing, of course! Read More »

Crony Capitalism Strikes Again

Crony capitalism rears its ugly head again in the Gulf of Mexico. Read More »

The Oil Spill with a Heart of Gold

Sure it's a man-made tragedy, but what about the good side of the oil spill? Read More »

Web Comics Tackle Oil Spill

Laughter, maybe that will help the spill. Read More »

Political Mathematics: Oil Spill Equals Hurricane

The environmental disaster taking place in the Gulf of Mexico is the Big BP Oil Spill, not Obama's Katrina. Read More »

Want To Help With The Oil Spill? Donate Hair Clippings

You'll never have a better excuse to get a haircut. Read More »

Right Likes To Mix Oil With Their Tea

If conservatives really cared about limited government, they would be the ones trying to end tax-dollar giveaways to Big Oil Read More »