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Build the Mosque

Let us thumb our noses as the terrorists — build the mosque near Ground Zero. Read More »

A Mosque in New York: A Test of Our Mettle

A mosque, the Constitution, and the inconvenience of maintaining our freedoms. Read More »

The Muslims Are Building a Mosque!

Some thoughts about the Mosque proposed at the site of the World Trade Center attack. Read More »

Ground Zero Mosque Should Never Have Become A Political Issue

Barack Obama, national Republicans both had no business commenting on the construction of the Islamic center. Read More »


Agree with me, or don't: here is what I believe. Read More »

It’s a Public Servant’s Job to do What’s Right – Not What’s Popular

Public service is supposed to be about doing what's right and what's moral, rather than following public opinion polls. Read More »

News of the Day: “Hungry, Horny Muslims”

Jokes can be in such poor taste. Read More »