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Bill O’Reilly “Sorry” for Nothing

Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walk out on hate. Read More »

Terry Jones-Koran Saga Continues

Man dead after book-burning protests in Afghanistan. Read More »

What Hate Looks Like: NYC Taxi Driver Slashed Because He’s a Muslim

We have to remember the essence of what makes this country great and makes it shine like a beacon of hope for everyone else in the world. Read More »

Who’s Going To Hell Faster: Our Christians Or Our Republicans?

Evangelical Christians and the GOP have the morality of bedbugs and make Americans look dumber than roadkill. Read More »

Obama is a Terrible Muslim

Is Barack Obama the Muslim President we thought he was? Read More »

Lies, Intolerance, and Disrespect for the Rule of Law

The latest debate over the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque" is replete with lies, intolerance and disrespect for the law. Read More »

Don’t Let the Mosque Grow Under Your Feet

That any religion has ever been the fuel for violent crimes is an indictment of its failure. Read More »

Mr. President, Please Stop Insulting Us

Obama insults the American people with his parsing. Read More »

Weighing In On The Mosque Near Ground Zero

Accepting our differences will only make us stronger... Read More »

The Mosque at Ground Zero and Selective Sensitivity

A Guide to Building a Honey-Baked Ham in Tel Aviv Read More »