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Asia’s Path to Clean Energy


Asian nations are slowly but surely adopting renewable energy sources, but for at least the next couple of decades, there's simply no way for renewable energy initiatives to keep up with the booming population. Read More »

More Taxpayer Money Gone

The taxpayers lose again. Read More »

Where Are The Green Jobs?

Mr. Obama, you promised green jobs. Where are they? Read More »

BrightSource, Another DOE Scam

Robert Kennedy, Jr. is bailed out by the DOE. Read More »

Go Green with National Trust Green Energy

The National Trust Green Energy scheme (NTGE) is the eco friendly energy tariff designed by energy provider npower and the UK’s National Trust. Read More »

Book Review: Clean Energy Nation: Freeing America from the Tyranny of Fossil Fuels by Congressman Jerry McNerney, Ph.D. and Martin Cheek

A honest look at Congressman Jerry McNerney and Martin Cheek's historically accurate tour of how our nation became so dependent on fossil fuel. Read More »

Book Review: Powering the Dream: The History and Promise of Green Energy by Alexis Madrigal

Understanding the history and idiosyncrasies of alternative energy. Read More »

Are We Seeing a Glow in the Dark with New-Generation Solar Panels?

24-hour solar power generation could become a reality. Read More »

The Price of Going Green

Can we afford the cost of green energy in hidden taxes and job loss? Now is the time to act! Read More »