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Book Review: ‘Orient,’ A Suspense by Christopher Bollen


Bollen has given us a story of greed and suspense. Using the fear of the unknown and taking advantage of the local’s gossip he has given us a great cast of suspects as well as individual characters that make you wonder. As each character is filled in, he takes you just a smidge further creating your own worry about what and who they are. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Spark,’ A Thriller by John Twelve Hawks


Jacob Underwood is not like anyone else, for he experiences Cotard’s syndrome, a real condition that causes him to believe he is dead. Read More »

In the Name of Jesus

Anti-Jesus religion. Read More »

Book Review: In Pursuit Of Giants by Matt Rigney

This is a book filled with the love of the giants of the deep and also a warning that they might be gone far too soon. Read More »

SpeakAsia: Another Ponzi Scheme in India?

It is such an old adage, yet we do not take it seriously: “If something is too good to be true, it normally is.” Read More »

Io, Saturnalia!

This holiday seems to be about bargains—and doing whatever it takes to make sure we get our share. Read More »

Controlling Your Mind to Control Greed, Fear, and Corruption

Reprogramming your conscience. Read More »

Keeping Albert Pujols Is Still in the Cards

Why Cardinals fans shouldn't panic over Pujols approaching free agency. Read More »

Waiting For Robbin’ Hood At The Goal Line

It's the owners who want "more guarantees" of returns for the "risks" they take having the taxpayers build their stadiums. Read More »

A Change in Party is Not a Change in Principle

A turd is still a turd when you take it home no matter how much you tell it that it's a diamond. Read More »