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Book Review: ‘How to Write a Memoir in 30 Days’ by Roberta Temes

how to write a memoir

This clear and easy guide will allow anyone to write their memoir step-by-step in just 30 days. Read More »

Book Review: The Great Grammar Book by Marsha Sramek

A tool to test one's grammar know how. Read More »

Book Review: The Great Grammar Book: Mastering Grammar Usage and the Essentials of Composition by Marsha Sramek

The Great Grammar Book is a compendium of advice on how to write well. Read More »

Moral Language and its Grammar: An Exercise in Wittgensteinian Logic

What we’re going through right now, both in America and throughout the West, isn’t just any economic or political crisis but a moral crisis first and foremost. Get with it and act accordingly! Read More »

Manuscript Submissions: Surviving the Slushpile

Making your manuscript submission ready or how not to be instantly rejected in three easy steps. Read More »

Let’s Stop “Passing” and Start Dying Again

Pass the hat. Pass the ammunition. But whatever you do, don't just "pass." Read More »

Product Review: WhiteSmoke Writer T-Gen

Writer T-Gen is a promising text-editing program. I just can’t tell if it keeps its promises. Read More »

Book Review: My Dog Bites the English Teacher by Marian Anders

Still don’t know if you should use their, there, or they’re? It’s time to buy this book. Read More »