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The Election You’re Probably Not Watching — But Should

Maryland result could shine light on future White House race. Read More »

Dear Jerry Brown (Not From Ken and John)

...but seriously, Jerry, what if the election hangs on this interview? Read More »

Local Politics from Around the Country

Al Greene, an unemployed black man who seems slow to media correspondents, beat Vic Rawls, a seasoned white politician that everyone thought should have won. Read More »

Ah, That Darn Political Talk

There is a very un-popular show airing on our airwaves these days called Politicians Say the Darndest Things. Read More »

Is a Medina Upset Possible in Texas?

Is Texas heading towards one of the biggest upsets in its political history? Read More »

The Curious Case of Sarah Palin

Calculated move? Or political suicide? I'm still trying to figure it out. Read More »