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Common Core Wars: The Empire State Strikes Back Against the Common Core – Will Other States Follow?


This very surprising turn of events indicates that Cuomo is yielding to the pressure of angry parents and exasperated teachers who have been crying foul regarding the standards since their implementation in 2010. Read More »

Common Core Wars: New York State Begins To Face Reality About Standardized Testing

The CCSS were created to bring a deeper and more meaningful education to students. There is nothing wrong with that, but there is a salient difference between teaching for rigor and relevance and teaching to the test. Read More »

Common Core Wars – The Stakes Keep Getting Higher

In the coming years we may have what really will be the end of education as people know it. Read More »

LIPA Management Must Go – Still No Power For Many on Long Island

Take over LIPA now, Mr. Cuomo, before it is too late. Read More »

Hurricane Sandy: Car Wars – A New Hope?

For now the sight of long lines at the gas pumps only adds to our frustration and anger with our utilities, the government, and the oil industry. Read More »

The War on Error: NY State’s Misguided Attempt To Publicize Teacher Evaluations

While there is no question that we need to improve instruction, public humiliation of teachers should not be part of the equation. Read More »

Some New Yorkers React Predictably to Hurricane Irene Response

Once Irene passed over us inflicting much less damage than expected, the armchair quarterbacks were quick to complain about Bloomberg's "over reaction" to the hurricane. Read More »