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America’s Number One Enemy, Indeed

Romney recently claimed Russia was America's "number one geopolitical foe." Was he right? Read More »

Should Doctors Be Able to Lie to Patients? Arizona Republicans Say “Yes!”

The great game of "I'm more conservative than you!" has reached a new low. Read More »

GOP Wants to Throw Up

Santorum wished he "had that particular line back." He should talk to Howard Dean about that kind of wish. Read More »

Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro February 25, 2012

Justice with Judge Jeanine put a spotlight on Google and its tracking of users online activities. Read More »

Society and the Individual, Part One: An American Story

Whose interests are more important; society's or the individual's? In America, such a question takes on profound meaning. Read More »

Modifying Conservative

Perhaps the GOP is looking for an apocalyptic Nixon conservative. Read More »

Somos Republicans: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

"We welcome....those few Cubans and Puerto Ricans who embrace....and....accept our rightful leadership role." Say what? Read More »

Tuesday’s Returns: One Man’s Victory, Another’s Downfall, and a Third’s Reality Check

What Tuesday night's meaningless, yet not so meaningless, election results can tell us about the GOP race from here. Read More »

The Fight From Florida: Romney, Gingrich, and the Clash of Two Parties in One

Now that Romney has won Florida, and probably the Republican nomination with it, a unique kind of fight really begins. Read More »

Rhetoric, Reality, and Romney: A Rockefeller Republican’s Response to the New Right

What does it mean to be a Republican or a conservative? One Blogcritics author responds to another. Read More »