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Fili-Busted? Fake Outrage, Real Facts


The Democrats know that the removal of the filibuster will be used against them later on, but they had no choice if they wanted to get anything done in Obama's second term. Read More »

The Party’s Over

a coup de tat

The Republican Party is dissolving before our eyes. Read More »

GOP Power Race Begins With Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal is already jockeying for the GOP crown, but is he really the right man for the job? Read More »

An Open Letter to Sarah Palin

Governor Palin's comments on voter fraud beg a few questions. Read More »

How the GOP Can Win

No, it's not all about courting Hispanics. Read More »

Election 2012: Referendum on Extremism

The American people have spoken. Read More »

A Letter to Delegates in Tampa

Changes in party rules in Tampa may end the GOP as we know it. Read More »

Paul Ryan, the Establishment’s Idea of a Radical

Paul Ryan is like the pair of used socks your senile granny gave you at Christmas... Read More »

America’s Number One Enemy, Indeed

Romney recently claimed Russia was America's "number one geopolitical foe." Was he right? Read More »

Should Doctors Be Able to Lie to Patients? Arizona Republicans Say “Yes!”

The great game of "I'm more conservative than you!" has reached a new low. Read More »