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Language Matters in Life and Business: Google Drops “Don’t Be Evil” Slogan

google new logo

What did the search giant's motto really mean, anyway? Read More »

Book Review: ‘Work Rules!’ by Laszlo Bock

Work Rules! Cover

Laszlo Bock celebrates Google in his new book. Prospective Googlers, it could also be your ticket to a job there. Read More »

Google’s Project Fi Promises Seamless Switching Between Cellular and Wireless Service

Project Fi

Google claims Project Fi is the best mobile network service to date, and guarantees a secure, encrypted network no matter the connection. Read More »

After Mobilegeddon: How Google’s Algorithm Change is Affecting Rankings


Surprisingly, major websites like YouTube, Amazon, and Target ranked relatively low on the list, with YouTube only showing up as mobile-friendly a quarter of the time. Read More »

As Long as There Is Google, There Will Be Spam


Search engines based on the absolute power of authority will always make mistakes and serve up spam websites. Read More »

How Google’s Self-Driving Car Could Change the World

Google driverless car

By 2040 roadways will be safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly, cities will be greener - and we won't have to worry about parking. Read More »

For Microsoft, Windows 8 Is Not the Problem

With Microsoft's announcement of an update to its flagship OS, many say Windows 8 is the "New Coke" of its day. Read More »

Smartphone Review: HTC One

Can the HTC One be a true match for the Samsung Galaxy S4? Read More »

Mobile Phone Review: Sony Xperia Z

Is the Sony Xperia Z the perfect Android smartphone? Read More »

Facebook and Google to Contribute to $3 Million in Annual Prizes for Curing Diseases

Facebook and Google revenue to contribute to $3 million annual prize to scientists curing diseases. Read More »