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Did the LinkedIn IPO Help Usher in Tech Bubble 2.0?

Social Networking quickly morphs into Financial Networking among politically connected investment firms. Read More »

Why President Obama’s Health Care Plan is Still A Win-Win Winner, Part 2,799.63

OR, How it Can Be Salvaged With Just a Slight Tweak Here and a Little Nudge There Read More »

In Defense of Governor Sanford

OR, One Last, Parting Shot and View of the Man Who Would/Could Perhaps Maybe, Might Have Been President. Read More »

Book Review: All the Devils Are Here by Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera

If there is only time to read one book about the recent financial crisis, this should probably be it. Read More »

Green Corruption: The Plot Thickens

The notorious “Banksters” Goldman Sachs, the “Godfather of Carbon Trading” Richard Sandor, and others are operating within this Climate Scam. Read More »

Just Look in the Mirror

In the search for fat cats, here's one hiding in plain sight. Read More »

Wall Street: The View from Here

Even with what's happened in the news this past week, Goldman Sachs ($160 as of 12PM EST, 4/21/10) is trading in the upper quadrant of its 52-week range, with a market cap almost double that of competitor Morgan Stanley. What does this mean for us? Read More »