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Man of Reform

Do you believe in reform, or in progress? Read More »

Is God the Author or Publisher of My Suffering?

Struggling against an angry God. Read More »

Book Review: Whom God Would Destroy by Commander Pants

A madcap dash through the different realities of the human species - plus encounters with aliens to boot. Read More »

A Religiously Knowledgeable Atheist’s Journey from Belief to Disbelief

The road to atheism can be painful and scary. Maybe that's why more religionists choose ignorance over knowledge. Read More »

Music Review: Hawk Nelson – Crazy Love

How Four fun-loving and punk-rocking "Chipmunks" express their love for God! Read More »

Music Review: Josh Wilson – See You

A Poet's captures the mood of the believer during inexplicable seasons. Read More »

Stephen Barr, Particle Physics, and the (Dis)proof of God

A decade ago, Stephen Barr wrote a paean to Intelligent Design. His argument is flawless, but for one minor oversight. Read More »

Music Review: Kristian Stanfill – Mountains Move

Mountains only move before those who'd dare to trust in the Maker of them all! Read More »

The Power to Stop: A New Year’s Intention for Everyone

Stopping an unwanted behavior is a basic life skill that can be observed, copied, practiced and learned. Read More »

TV Review: The Good Wife “Nine Hours”

The Good Wife's "Nine Hours" was an outstanding example of the awesome talent involved in this series. Read More »