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Tiquipaya II, People’s World Conference on Climate Change 2015

UniValle-coliseo-more people

When was the last time you got to attend a brainstorming session with the president of a country? Read More »

Language Matters in Life and Business: Disrupting the Climate Change “Brand”


Some scientists have been pushing to replace the phrase "climate change" with a more effective term. Read More »

Why is the Beach Covered with Dead Birds?

dead auklets

When will our long night of global corporate greed and killing finally fade away into the light? Read More »

Rappers, Congressmen, Comedians Gather at Conference of Climate Change Skeptics

Austrian rapper

The Heartland Institute sponsored the 9th International Conference on Climate Change. Read More »

Climate Change: A Disaster Movie in Slow Motion

Climate Change

Climate change is unfolding like a disaster movie in slow motion. Read More »

Disappearing Mugs from the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild


A hot cup of coffee changes everything. Read More »

Is Global Warming Behind the Polar Vortices?

Arctic sea ice : Winter weather : Roads around Newcastle were blocked by deep snow

All now seem to agree that global warming is real and ongoing. The new discussion seeks to determine the role of Polar Vortex in todays scheme of things. Read More »

Movie Review: ‘Look Up’ – Award-Winning Eco-Documentary

SkyderALERT Mobile App to petition Congress and the Senate. Look Up, the environmental documentary.

Look Up is an eco-documentary that explores the controversial GeoEngineering practices used to deal with global warming. Read More »

Sustaining the Environment, One Step at a Time.

Michael Reynolds

A Conference at Omega Institute highlighted what others are doing to move toward prosperous, resilient and sustainable communities that are beneficial for the environment. Read More »

Denial Is Not a River in Egypt

Who knows? We "deniers" may turn out to be right after all. Read More »