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A Simple Answer to a Simple Question

What the True Core Issue Lies at the Heart and Soul of This Upcoming Midterm Election. Read More »

A Sad Optimist Cries Yet Again: A Pox on all Your Houses

Amidst the fear, the anger, the apprehension, we can take heart that our politicians are blithering idiots — as are we. Read More »

The Upside-Down World: When Restoring Honor is a Bad Thing

When restoring honor is a bad thing, we might as well prepare for Armageddon. Read More »

Danger Ahead: Populism, False Prophets, Cult Worship and the “Second American Revolution”

"We the People" have returned to "take our country back" with the help of our Spiritual Leader, Glenn Beck. Read More »

Brother Beck’s Traveling Salvation Show

Glenn Beck's tent revival at the Lincoln Memorial was truly memorable. Read More »

This Is Not MLK’s Dream

Glenn Beck's tent revival was boring and Al Sharpton's hatefest was offensive. Read More »

Marginalizing Dr. King’s Dream

The GOP is openly hostile to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. There is no honor in that. Read More »

Glenn Beck’s “I Am A Nightmare” Speech

Let's restore honor to our great white nation by invoking the name of Dr King and calling Obama a racist. Read More »

All That Does Not Glitter is Gold

Blind faith in bad product makes Glenn Beck a very wealthy boy. Read More »

Glenn Beck – Messianic Hypocrite

Glenn Beck plans to desecrate the memory of Dr Martin Luther King on August 28th in order to sell a book. Read More »