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Putting Things in Perspective

The shooting in Tucson should make all Americans rethink our tragic War on Terror policies. Read More »

After The Arizona Massacre, The Issue Almost No One Is Talking About But On Which (Hopefully) We Can Agree

Left and right agree the accused gunman was deranged. Perhaps we should consider mental health services as a public safety investment. Read More »

Why Tucson Shooter Is Not a Terrorist

Loughner may not be any better off with an insanity defense, but it could save his life. Read More »

John Boehner’s 9/11 Moment

The new speaker has, so far, dealt superbly with the Giffords crisis. But will he follow through? Read More »

Jewish Community Joins Immigrants Calling For Peace After Giffords Shooting

We pray the memories of those killed in Tucson be a blessing Read More »

This is Hate Speech

If you hate free speech you hate America. Do the right thing and muzzle yourself. Read More »

Breakdown: The Story of New America

The terrorist attack in Arizona is not about Left or Right, it is merely a sign of the times. Read More »