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How General Mills Has Controlled the Media Circus with a Quick Product Recall

The recall allowed General Mills to control the media, turning otherwise bad publicity into a show of strength and solidarity with its customer base. Both small and large businesses can learn from this example, and improve their own image and market share in the process. Read More »

Product Review: Yoplait Go-GURT®

Yoplait has changed its Go-GURT recipe, cutting out high fructose corn syrup and replacing artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners with natural alternatives Read More »

General Mills’ Monster Cereals: A Brief History and Taste Test

Like poltergeists and Terminator model 101, “They’re back!” In 1971, the cereal geniuses at General Mills determined that what people really want for breakfast is monsters. Count Chocula appeared alongside Franken Berry, and they would forever become a part of the American popular landscape. The cereals themselves were solid creations with flavors based on chocolate and strawberry complete with marshmallow ... Read More »