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What To Do, What To Do: The Crime of Sexual Assault


Our societal barometer is broken. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Let’s Start a Pussy Riot’ – Curator Emely New, Edited by Jade French in collaboration with Pussy Riot

Feminist protesters marched by security out of Moscow cathedral for offensive performance

More than just a book about feminism, this is an expression of support for everyone who has the courage to stand up and be heard. Read More »

Theatre Review (London): Tomboy Blues – The Theory of Disappointment at the Ovalhouse

Lyrical, physical, and very funny examination of the way in which our society still demands binary gender labels. Read More »

Genderless: Equality or Neutrality?

Is a genderless society the way to go in promoting gender equality, or are we promoting androgyny as a necessity to gender neutrality? Read More »

Culture Clash: Chores, Sex and Smart Solutions

A New Jersey Yankee in King Kiwi's Court: Adapting to Farm Life in New Zealand Read More »

Book Review: She Was Aye Workin’: Memories of Tenement Women in Edinburgh and Glasgow by Helen Clark and Elizabeth Carnegie

Women by hard labour and careful calculation held together lives that today we'd consider near impossible. Read More »

Book Review: Echoes of Chongqing: Women in Wartime China by Danke Li

These oral histories are not just worth examining for the historical context, but also as a study of memory itself. Read More »

Calories: Friends or Foes?

Ten things you should know about calories, and why men can eat more than women and get away with it. Read More »

Book Review: An Adultery (1987) by Alexander Theroux

Alexander Theroux tells a tale about adultery that leads to deception, lies, and heartbreak. Read More »