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The Sequester: Its Impact and Proposals for Resolving the Congressional Impasse

The sequester will force the parties to craft a more permanent budget balancing solution. Read More »

Pros and Cons of Raising The Debt Limit

The effects of manipulating the debt ceiling are discussed. Read More »

Balancing Budget is Hot Congressional Issue

Balancing the federal budget is critical. Read More »

Book Review: The 4% Solution: Unleashing The Economic Growth America Needs by The Bush Institute and Brendan Miniter

The 4% Solution anticipates a higher growth in the GDP of the USA. Is such a growth rate sustainable? Read More »

Yeah, the GDP Is Growing

GDP growth during the Obama years examined. Read More »

Credit Agency Actions: Their Rationale and Remaining Choices

The actions of the credit agencies will impact finance throughout the United States on every level. Read More »

A Modest Debt Ceiling Proposal

The road to a balanced budget pathed with fewer loopholes and lower rates. Read More »

The Republican Big Lies about Taxes and Government Spending

Taxes are too high! And the cow jumped over the moon. Read More »

The Fall and Rise of Major Economies’ Interest Rates

As the countries are recovering from financial crisis, maintaining growth and fiscal discipline has become challenge to major economies. Read More »