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Book Review: The Fart That Saved Christmas by Jacob Morningside, Illustrated by Nadja Andrasev

Check out the darker, funnier side of Santa in time for the holiday season. Read More »

French Pension Reform: Street Corner Garbage And Economics

Last night legislation was passed in the French Senate raising retirement age to 62. This needed to happen. France is in desperate need of economic reform. The government is financing pensions with debt. Many countries face pension problems, including the United States. Read More »

Local Gas and Electric Company ‘Smarting’ Customers

Pacific Gas & Electric's newly installed SmartMeter is turning out not to be such an intelligent, incredible wireless technology after all. At least not at one consumer's household. Read More »

Five Money-Saving and Environmentally Friendly Tips

Simplify and save money the (sort of) Andean way. Read More »