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The RNC Should Stand Up for Fair Debates

With the media and state parties picking and choosing who can participate in the debates, Republcan voters deserve a fair look at the candidates Read More »

Something Rotten at the CNN Debate

When we let the media pick our candidates we might as well just give them control of our government. Read More »

Why He Will

The debt downgrade, a lousy economy, constant criticism: Why Obama will win again. Read More »

Should the Pollsters Pick the Candidates? Gary Johnson Excluded from Iowa Debate

Who picks the GOP presidential candidate? Is it Republican voters or the media and their pet pollsters? Read More »

The Secret Truth About the GOP Primary Field: There are Only Two Real Candidates

Right now, Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney are the only credible choices. Deal with it. Read More »

Romney and Paul Sound Good, but No Big Winner in Latest Debate

Bachmann and Cain disappointed, but no one did well enough to take a clear lead out of the latest GOP debate. Read More »

Why is Gov. Gary Johnson Not in Next Week’s Debate?

Is CNN's decision to exclude Johnson a mistake or part of a strategy to misrepresent the Republican party? Read More »

Ron Paul to Form Exploratory Committee for 2012 Election

Even if he's only entering the presidential race to push his new book and influence the debate, Ron Paul will make a big difference in 2012. Read More »

Profiling Gary Johnson

A profile of first GOP presidential candidate Gary Johnson of New Mexico. Read More »