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Paris Attacks: Give Peace a Chance

World Peace

The killings in Paris are part of a cycle based on erroneous beliefs and assumptions. Now is a time when we can pause and start a new cycle – a cycle of waking up to our oneness with each other, with our Mother Earth and indeed the entire universe. Read More »

Comparisons Make Everything Look Smaller


When we compare ourselves to others, the tendency to seek out their faults leads us to examine our own, and we end up doubly dissatisfied. Read More »

What if? Thoughts on the Newtown, CT Massacre and Peace

What if we beat guns into plowshares? Read More »

Book Review: Burning for Freedom: “O Goddess of Freedom, Life is to Die for You, Death is to Live Without You!” by Anurupa Cinar

Cinar's readable and compelling book demonstrates that popular history can be distorted to fool the public and appease governments. Read More »

OWS: The Prospects

It’s my considered opinion that unless OWS becomes injected with a brand-new life force and spirit, it has pretty much exhausted itself by now. Read More »

Love Wins But Gandhi’s Still in Hell

Hell and one pastor's attempt to quench the fire and brimstone. Read More »

‘Fasting Unto Death’ Against Corruption

India's Anna Hazare 'fasts unto death', protesting against corruption. Read More »

Book Review: The Saint by Oliver Broudy

A jaded journalist joins a spiritual eccentric in an apology tour-of-sorts to India, confronting Chinese agents, disgruntled descendants of Gandhi, and – awkward! - the Dalai Lama himself. Read More »

The Power of Charisma

What Hitler and Gandhi have to teach us about the history of charismatic leadership Read More »

Book Review: Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with Truth by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

The teachings for the a great politician foretold by himself. Read More »