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Spirituality Keeps Women – and Men – Happy, Healthy, and Whole

Thoughts – not just things – are key to gaining and maintaining health. Read More »

The Tea Party Shutdown Movie

The House stopgap bill blew up and illustrated that Speaker Boehner’s control of the House majority only exists on paper. Read More »

Obama’s Poll Numbers In 15 Battleground States

Interesting numbers to think about as 2012 approaches. Read More »

Is Obama Finished?

It's still quite early, but the polls are not looking good for President Obama. Read More »

Palin for President?

She is famous for being famous and aging before achieving anything except commentary on herself on the political stage. Read More »

Presidential Approval: So What?

A lot of people disapprove of a president most of the time. Who is in office does not really matter. Read More »

Congress’s Scorecard: 17% and Falling

80% of respondents say members of Congress care more about advancing their own careers than helping their constituents. Read More »

Political Post Hoc and Other Fallacies

Voters are not angry. They are bored. Rhetorical fallacies are to blame. Read More »