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Arch Enemies: Who’s Next?

Television featured Communists as arch enemies until the Berlin Wall fell and the era of Communist villainy fell with it. Read More »

Mixed Reports From Libya

There are mixed reports as to who is the head man of the Libyan opposition. There has been discussion of cease-fire. Read More »

Aerial Bombardment Begins in Opposition to Gadhafi.

The US and the UK have taken the offensive in Libya, determined to end the reign of Gadhafi. Read More »

Gates: Libyan No-Fly Zone Would be an “Act of War”

Gadhafi blames al Qaeda, opposes a no fly zone, and denies wrongdoing. Read More »

Gadhafi Calls Bloodshed the Work of Terrorists; a Conspiracy to Seize Libyan Oil

"There is only the power of the people," Gadhafi says, claiming that no peaceful protesters have been killed. Read More »

Obama Speaks Out on Libya, the United Nations Begins Dialogue.

American President Obama has made initial statements regarding Libyan violence. The United Nations has commenced discussions. Read More »