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Performances at the Grammys

I came late to the Grammys (given a choice, I'll take the Simpsons over much anything else that's on TV), so I'm picking up about a half hour into the show. Apparently I missed Prince, Dave Matthews and several others. Read More »

GRAMMY – Outkast Will Rule

Check out your Valentine’s Day message from Outkast here. Outkast will win big at the Grammys tomorrow night – here’s why: Outkast’s double-CD extravaganza, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below their fifth album, the two members of Outkast (winners of three previous rap Grammys) have taken the audacious gamble of recording two completely separate discs — Antwan “Big Boi” Patton’s Speakerboxx, and Andre ... Read More »

I’ll be the first to Feed The Cat!

The United States is loaded with jazz vocalists and musicians who are experimenting and producing ground-breaking music. Unfortunately, they are immediately placed and stranded in The Music Desert because of the US music industry’s American Idol fetish and Hip-Hop love fest. But in the United Kingdom, they not only encourage and appreciate the jazz visionaries, they have a whole culture ... Read More »

Garaj Mahal live in Falls Church VA

Tonight, I caught Garaj Mahal at the State Theatre. It was my first time for both — I’ve never seen or heard Garaj Mahal before, nor have I ever set foot in the State Theatre. Garaj Mahal is comprised of Alan Hertz on drums, Eric Levy on keys, Fareed Haque on guitar and Kai Eckhardt on bass. I’ll openly admit ... Read More »

Mike Stern’s Voices

With Mike Stern‘s upcoming show at Blues Alley looming, I’ve been trying to familiarize myself with more of his repertoire. I’ve been listening to his prior album Voices for a few days, and I do like what I’m hearing. The overall feel of the album is reminiscent of Pat Metheny‘s work — much more so than Stern’s earlier outings. Stern ... Read More »

Victor Wooten live in DC

For the second time in three days, I went to see Victor Wooten. Tonight’s gig was at the 9:30 club. I haven’t been to the 9:30 club in about a year and a half, and I think I remember why now. Not in the best of neighborhoods, really expensive food and drink (for what you get), unusual acoustics and standing ... Read More »

Victor Wooten Live in Baltimore MD

Last night, Victor Wooten and his band absolutely killed at The Funk Box in Baltimore, MD. The band was comprised of Regi Wooten (guitar), Joseph Wooten (keys), Derrico Watson (drums), MC Divinity (vocals, alt bass), Anthony Wellington (second bass), J.D. Blair (drums/percussion) and, of course, Victor Wooten (bass). I had never seen Derrico play before, but he was amazing. He ... Read More »