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Book Review: ‘Forsaken: Ev and Ell’ by C. Ryan Bymaster


Bymaster has taken the fight between good and evil in an alternate direction. While there is that competition between his characters, after much time together they begin to interact in more direct ways with humor, with mocking and sometimes with friendship. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Magical Matthew’ by Penelope Anne Cole

MagMat Cover

Children can learn that their talents can make a difference. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Milton the Square Shell Turtle’ by Maryann Tatro


Milton teaches us to be okay with who we are and that sometime home is the best place to be. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Foiled Knight’ by John C. Stipa


Can a strong lifelong friendship between a man and woman turn into love? Read More »

How We Treat Others Tied to Health, Longevity


Studies increasingly conclude that sustained mental negativity is the enemy of well-being. Read More »

Book Review: Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver

A look at the changes wrought by the event of global warming and how the effects can change the lives of all involved. Read More »

Book Review: The Girl in the Wall by Daphne Benedis-Grab

Daphne Benedis-Grab’s The Girl in the Wall is a unique exploration of friendship in an unlikely situation. Read More »

Book Review: Giving Up the Ghost by Eric Nuzum

A brave and haunting memoir. Read More »

Book Review: Santana and Saul: A Dual Memoir by Saul Diskin

Santana and Saul shows how the strong bond survives the difference both in life circumstances and belief and suggests a way for others to follow. Read More »

Book Review: Porcupine’s Seeds by Viji Chary

Will teach your kids to never give up and to persevere at anything that they try to do. Read More »