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Pope Can Unite World in Ending Hunger

Pope Francis can be a powerful leader in uniting all people and faiths in ending world hunger. Read More »

Take Lead in Fighting Hunger at Home and Abroad

There is enough food to feed all the hungry. It’s not a question of resources as much as leadership. Read More »

Ithaca’s Food for Thought Takes on Global Hunger

Ithaca College has a dedicated organization to fighting world hunger called Food for Thought Read More »

World Choir Games: Friendship Trains to Friendship Concerts

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory: "Music has the power to bring people together, across political lines [and] religious lines." Read More »

Will The Hunger Games Match the Rose Bowl Films?

Can the Hunger Games fight global hunger like the Rose Bowl films did? Read More »

Abraham Lincoln and the Fight Against Global Hunger

It was fitting that one of the food trains for peace back in 1948 was named after Lincoln. Read More »

On Halloween Remember the World’s Hungry

This Halloween please take a silent guest with you trick or treating, and feed one of the world's hungry children. Read More »

Friendship Trains, Global Hunger, and Plumpy’nut

It is unacceptable that low funding prevents foods like plumpy'nut from reaching malnourished children. Read More »

Same Planet, Two Different Worlds

The one world where food is plentiful can rescue the other where food is practically nonexistent. Read More »

Transformational Leadership in Tackling Global Hunger Crisis

None of these individuals waited to be appointed "the boss" of U.S. foreign policy and postwar relief. Read More »