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Anthem Film Festival – ‘The Last Week’


You don’t have to do anything wrong to be destroyed by litigation. Read More »

The Ambiguous Support of Chick-fil-A’s Freedom of Speech Supporters

If you dig past the chicken fat you'll find something most foul. Read More »

The Day American Democracy Suffered a Mortal Blow

Democracy in America died today. It just doesn't know it yet. Read More »

Internet Grassroots Offers Sensible Alternative to SOPA

A collaborative effort on Reddit has produced a working draft of a good legislative alternative to SOPA. Read More »

Join the Fight for Online Liberty While You Still Have Some

Stand up for freedom on the internet while you still can. Read More »

The War on Free Speech in America

It's easy to judge how free a country is by the instances of wholesale violation of the liberty of the people. Read More »

This is Hate Speech

If you hate free speech you hate America. Do the right thing and muzzle yourself. Read More »

42 Senators Weigh in on the Wrong Side in Snyder vs. Phelps

Free speech is more important than the pandering of opportunistic Senators. Read More »

The Google and Verizon Saga: For Better or For Worse?

Google and Verizon have begun an illicit romance despite the nay-saying of newspapers, journalists, and citizens. Will their new deal be embraced? Read More »

Blogetery Takedown Continues to Raise Concerns

Now that the case has hit the major media will some of the questions be answered? Read More »