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My Compromised Debit Card and My New Russian Friend

A Russian steals money from a Floridian's bank account. They've never even been introduced. How rude. Read More »

Faking Cancer to Cash In

Phony cancer patients rely on the kindness of others to get cash. Read More »

There Must Be Some Misunderstanding: On Charlie Crist, Jim Greer and Last Week’s Commentary

Charlie Crist, Jim Greer, the new legal troubles headed their way and a few words about last week's commentary. Read More »

Phony Collectors Want Your Credit/Debit Card Information

People are getting calls from phony collectors — and some of them are threatening people with criminal action. Read More »

Book Review: Private by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Jack Morgan, head of the elite Private Investigations detective agency, has his hands full with cases and personal problems. Read More »

Unholy Alliance: The Marriage of Illegal Aliens to the Religious Right

One of America's greatest frauds — the Religious Right — has joined forces with one of its greatest threats — illegal aliens. Read More »

Are Democrats Resorting to Nixonian “Dirty Tricks” to Advance their Agenda?

The Democrats are resorting to dirty tricks, but more and more it looks like the people can see through it. Read More »

ACORN to Shut Down Operations in Ohio

Under the terms of a settlement with a libertarian legal foundation ACORN will cease operations in Ohio. Read More »

DVD Review: Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story

This intimate, backstage look at Eddie Izzard is an engaging study of a successful comedian and a broken-hearted little boy. Read More »

Lying for the Cause in the New York Times

Is David Kirkpatrick really this careless or is he simply lying to you out of political partisanship? Read More »