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Silent Threat of Hunger Gravest to Yemen

This hunger attack is devastating the future of Yemen, it's children. Read More »

Mauritania School Meals Run Out as Drought, High Prices Strike

At a time when school feeding should be expanded, in Mauritania it is days away from coming to an end. Read More »

Building the Future in Ivory Coast with School Meals

The World Food Programme says that the Ivory Coast school feeding program is only 11 percent funded. Read More »

Sahel Food Crisis: Race Against Time to Save Lives

If the international community does not act now, the Sahel food crisis will get much worse. Read More »

Budget Debates in Congress Loom over Yemen Crisis

Proposals for reducing international food aid would limit the U.S.'s ability to respond to the humanitarian crisis escalating in Yemen. Read More »

Afghanistan 10 Tears Later: Starvation Threatens War-Torn Country

On this 10 year anniversary of the Afghanistan war, let's work to win the peace-starting with fighting hunger. Read More »

Afghanistan: No Time to Lose on Health, Nutrition, and Justice

There is no time to lose in getting the Afghanistan strategy right, one that meets the needs of the people. Read More »

Book Review: World on the Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse by Lester Brown

Water - that's the biggest problem you need to worry about. The aquifers are being drained fast. Read More »

Like Egypt, Yemen Suffers from High Food Prices

My letter in the New York Times highlighted the plight of the hunger relief mission in Yemen. Read More »

Hunger Sits Beside Every Anxious Mother Three Times Each Day

Right at this moment there are mothers in developing countries who have little or no way to provide food for their children. Read More »