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Record Drought: How to Save Money on Groceries in the Face of Rising Prices

Severe drought means higher food prices, but there are still numerous ways to save. Read More »

Crisis in Syria: An Interview with Abeer Etefa of the UN World Food Programme

Abeer Etefa of the UN World Food Programme provides an update on the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Read More »

Book Review: The Coming Famine: The Global Food Crisis and What We Can Do To Avoid It by Julian Cribb

Strong and frightening on the science, less convincing on the politics and sociology. Read More »

Spring and Gasoline Bring Out the Guerilla Urban Gardener

The high cost of gas means the high cost of food. Solution: grow it yourself. Read More »

The Protests in Egypt and High Food Prices

Getting basic foods is a daily challenge for many Egyptians. When prices spike, it crushes families already in poverty. Read More »

Egypt and the Myth of Electronic Revolution

The Internet is not the cavalry. Read More »

World Hunger: A Second Silent Tsunami Coming

There is fear of another food price crisis, a second silent tsunami of global hunger which will engulf even more millions. Read More »