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The Winter of My Discontent

snow 3

There are so many possibilities of warmer places with year round sun, destinations where a shovel is only used to make a sand castle on the beach. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Alligator Man’ by James Sheehan

Book Review The Alligator Man by James Sheehan

An entertaining read, a good mystery with a surprise ending. Read More »

Hometown Heroes: School Music Programs and the Brain

Conductors small

Music education helps children's brains develop, and has benefits for children with autism and other disabilities. Read More »

Hometown Heroes: Enabling Youth with Disabilities to Carve Out Jobs

Craig Wallace, age 27 --Volunteer Asst with Conney Dahn

Conney Dahn helps young people with autism spectrum disorders aim for success in the job market. Read More »

Hometown Heroes: Boxing Champ Donny Poole and His Wife Allison

Pooles small size

During the course of a year, 1.6 million children are homeless in the U.S. But it doesn't take much to make a difference for someone. Read More »

Book Review: The Lawyer’s Lawyer by James Sheehan

Jack Tobin, one of the best lawyers in the United States, takes it upon himself to represent a serial killer who he believes to be innocent. Read More »

SEC Football 2012: Week Four Previews and Predictions

SEC East match-ups are featured this week. Read More »

SEC Football 2012: Week Three Previews and Predictions

An SEC East rivalry highlights this week's slate of games. Read More »

SEC Football 2012: Week Two Previews and Predictions

Conference play opens this week with inaugural games for Missouri and Texas A&M. Read More »

A Tale of Two Slums

By addressing the Trayvon Martin shooting with a racial tone, the real problem is being overlooked. Read More »