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A New Paradigm For Social Media: Storify Enters Public Beta

Storify creates a new paragdigm for live-blogging, social media story-telling and journalism. Read More »

Yahoo Ready to Abandon Ship as Flickr Loses a User’s 4,000 Photos

The gentleman from Switzerland made an interesting comment when his 4,000 Flickr photos went missing. Read More »

Product Review: Social Media Sobriety Test

Drinking and Facebook don't work well together. A new app tries to keep you from embarrassing yourself online. Read More »

iPad App Review: My Five Faves

Still in love with my iPad, here are a few of my favorite apps: from Flickr photo to a decidedly low-tech typewriter. Read More »

Movie Review: People *LOVE* Photos

People *LOVE* Photos looks at three very different photographers and the ways they interact with their human subjects. Read More »