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Book Review: I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett

A dark and sinister danger. Read More »

TCM’s Mighty Twelve Unite to Help Make It All Happen

Meridians, or energy channel, correspond to one of the twelve organs in the human body, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Read More »

Theme Park Attraction Review: King Kong 360 3-D

The King has returned to Universal Studios Hollywood. Read More »

Music Review: The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown – The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown 2 CD re-release (Esoteric)

The god(of hell fire)father of theatrical rock. Read More »

Universal Studios Hollywood Reopens New York Street

Universal introduces 13 new city blocks on its famous back lot. Read More »

Music Review: Songs From the Glee Episode “Home”

Glee's episode "Home" layers the concept of feeling at home, be it in your own body or in a house. Read More »


One walks around thinking one is brave, and then something challenges that notion. Read More »

DVD Review: Christmas Classics By The Fire

You won't believe it's not fire. Read More »