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Book Review: ‘Suspicion’ a Young Adult Fiction by Alexandra Monir


The secrets of Rockford manor are very delicate and Imogen is cautious about creating any further concerns. There is something very strange about the deaths of her parents and that of her cousin, something that someone is willing to kill to keep secret. Read More »

Book Review: The Fire Watcher by Chip Hill

Counting the minutes, hours, and days... Read More »

The Attack on Employee Rights

State governments attack public employee unions. Read More »

Book Review: Notes from the Firehouse by Doug McCourt

McCourt describes this tight-knit fraternity in exquisite detail. Read More »

TV Review: Glee – “Home”

Home provides some emotional moments as characters search for where they belong. Read More »

Music Review: Trevor Hall – Everything Everytime Everywhere

Trevor Hall brings pop-rock sounds with reggae flavor to his latest album, Everything Everytime Everywhere. Read More »

Book Review: The Fire Inside: A Side Kicks Novel by Raymond Rose

Saving a world from villains in the usual superhero fashion. Read More »

Book Review: Life on Hold by Karen McQuestion

Can a teenager find herself after losing her family? Read More »

Book Review: Tomorrow’s Guardian by Richard Denning

Can our time-traveling hero save the future and the past as well? Read More »

Burn Baby, Burn

Pain is temporary. That’s the point of this life: to be consumed, to become something more than what you are. Read More »