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Book Review: ‘The Light of Hidden Flowers,’ A Novel by Jennifer Handford


Handford takes us into the psyche of a young woman who has grown up in a sheltered world and been in the background of her father’s life, unwilling to move from the protection. Read More »

Sneaky Expenses that Bust Household Budgets


Even a few dollars a day adds up to hundreds – or thousands – over the course of a year. Read More »

How to Fix Dodd-Frank


Wall Street's resistance aside, the bill is fraught with flaws and exceptions, and hasn't changed a thing. Read More »

Europe Should Stop Listening to Germany

Should Eurozone nations continue to heed the words of the very nation which profits directly from austerity gone bad elsewhere? Read More »

Broke If You Do, Broke If You Don’t.

With the failure of the bailout approval in parliament, Cyprus edges that much closer to default. Thing is, a yes vote wouldn't have changed a thing. Read More »

Because They’ll Steal it Anyway, Just Give it to Them First?

Even with stock markets reaching record highs, can America truly afford to turn a blind eye to the excesses of Wall Street's banking elite? Read More »

Book Review: Angels Gate by Andrew J. Rafkin and Louis Pagano

A great tale of dope and money smuggling during the early '80s. Read More »

A New York Man Has Written the Best Cover Letter Ever!

A finance student has "no qualms about fetching coffee, shining shoes, or picking up laundry, and will work for next to nothing." Read More »


As Europe's Central Bank looks to cut rate targets into 2013, all eyes turn to the key reference rate for the continent's major banks. Read More »

Change for a Dollar?

As the fiscal cliff draws nearer, can Uncle Sam find savings by trading his paper dollars for metal coins? Read More »