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DVD Review: John F Kennedy, Jr.: His Final Hours

JFK, Jr., was born, lived, and died in the headlines—“Final 24” examines his life and times. Read More »

DVD Review: Hunter S. Thompson – His Final Hours

“Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity in the context of professional journalism." — Hunter S. Thompson Read More »

DVD Review: River Phoenix – His Final Hours

“Tragic waste.” – Paul Donnelley, Fade to Black Read More »

DVD Review: John Belushi – His Final Hours

John Belushi, comic genius, was doomed by his excessive appetites for everything in life. Read More »

DVD Review: Sid Vicious: His Final Hours

The questions as old as punk rock: Did Sid kill Nancy? Did Sid kill Sid? Read More »

DVD Review: Anna Nicole Smith – Her Final Hours

“Final 24” offers the official details of Anna Nicole Smith’s death, as well as biographical info on her life. Read More »

DVD Review: David Koresh – His Final Hours

The final 24 hours of David Koresh are explored in this compelling documentary. Read More »

DVD Review: Nicole Brown Simpson: Her Final Hours

A woman we barely knew. A tragedy we can never forget. The real story behind her last hours. Read More »

DVD Review: Gianni Versace: His Final Hours

He built a fashion empire and created the supermodel, but with just two bullets his dreams all came to an end. Read More »

DVD Review: Keith Moon: His Final Hours

A sad reminder of The Who's prescient lyrics: "If I swallow anything evil/Put your finger down my throat." Read More »