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Fili-Busted? Fake Outrage, Real Facts


The Democrats know that the removal of the filibuster will be used against them later on, but they had no choice if they wanted to get anything done in Obama's second term. Read More »

Senate Wars Episode II: Attack of the Drones

Like that old movie slogan tells you, “Be afraid; be very afraid.” Read More »

Election 2012: Referendum on Extremism

The American people have spoken. Read More »

It’s Time to Nuke Senate Republicans

President Obama has to strike out to put some political fear back into the obstructionists in the GOP. Read More »

Courting Failure

President Obama is losing an opportunity to put his stamp on the federal judiciary. Read More »

Filibuster Reform: Let the Fight Begin

The time has come to rein in the excesses of undue filibuster Read More »

In The Senate, Republicans Block But The Democrats Just Run

Congressional Democrats called an unemployment extension an "emergency," but they left town, leaving the jobless holding the bag. Read More »

Here’s A Thought For Filibuster Reform: Make Them Actually Filibuster Something

Republicans might be quicker to cave if they actually had to work at obstruction Read More »

Republicans: The Party of No? Oh, Yes!

Republicans intend to block everything coming from President Obama. That is their road to electoral success in 2010 and beyond. Read More »

Betting Against the House

Recall the complaint about Republicans and blind allegiance to leaders? Is this how Democrats should rule? Read More »