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Stranger Danger: “Help” Offered by Roadside Men


It's best to decline a helping hand from someone licking yellow cheese puff dust off his fingers. Read More »

Quote Quiz: Women’s Right to Vote or Women’s Reproductive Rights?

It's easy to confuse quotes from the Anti-Suffrage Movement with quotes with today's debates surrounding Female Reproductive Rights. Read More »

A Meditation on the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team

Lessons learned about women, not only in sports, but in all walks of life. Read More »

News You Can Abuse: High-Earning Women

The fashion world pranked every woman's psyche with a painful wedgie, but now there's something that makes that wedgie nuclear. Read More »

Book Review: The Madame Curie Complex:The Hidden History of Women in Science by Julie Des Jardins

A meticulously researched and anecdote-rich chronicle of the women who've entered the historically resistant, male-oriented world of science, juggling family life and long days in the lab. Read More »

Does the Queensland Premier Dance?

A passing opinion on the first female Premier of State in Australia. Read More »

Will the Pill Be Responsible for the Death of Humanity?

Water pollution from contraceptives does much more harm than once thought. Read More »

Music Review: Those Darlins – Those Darlins

Those Darlins are going places and their self-titled debut is just the start. Read More »

Your Sex: How Lesbian or Gay Are You?

All men and women are attracted to their same sex; it is merely a matter of degree. Read More »