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A Major Catastrophic Recovery Program for Events Like Hurricane Sandy

How to recover from an event like Hurricane Sandy. Read More »

The Tea Party Shutdown Movie

The House stopgap bill blew up and illustrated that Speaker Boehner’s control of the House majority only exists on paper. Read More »

Hurricane-Force Politics: Ron Paul Nostalgic For 1900, the Year a Big One Killed 8,000

How can Ron Paul wax nostalgic for the days when so many died in a hurricane that their bodies were buried at sea? Or when the only government assistance was free whiskey to the men charged with clearing the corpses? Read More »

Ron Paul: Get Rid of FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program

A Libertarian simpleton's view of what should happen when a major disaster strikes. Read More »

Blizzard of December 2010: Mayor’s ‘Sorry’ A Tertiary Response

Bloomberg and company are more concerned with people getting to Broadway shows during a blizzard than getting to a hospital. Read More »

The Government Wants Us to “Duck and Cover”

Today, as was done in the 1950s, the government is instructing us of steps to take if the bomb should fall. Read More »