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TV Review: ‘Supernatural’ – ‘There’s No Place Like Home’


In Supernatural’s “There’s No Place Like Home” Charlie Bradbury returns from the Emerald City, but she’s found that getting “home” isn’t as simple as clicking her heels. Read More »

TV Review: ‘Spooked’ – Series Premiere


Spooked is a fun romp with layered characters and a cohesive, well-paced story, to be teased out over four episodes. Read More »

TV Review: ‘Supernatural’ – ‘Slumber Party’


“Slumber Party” is a much needed, if a bit jarring, shift from “I’m No Angel.” Read More »

TV Review: Supernatural: “Slumber Party”

Charlie and Dorothy in Oz.

This week’s episode was by the wonderfully quirky Robbie Thompson, one of the bright lights on the Supernatural writing team. Read More »

TV Review: Supernatural – “Pac-Man Fever”

Felicia Day returns to Supernatural in the excellent "Pac-Man Fever." Read More »

Will Amazon Change Television?

Amazon released a bunch of pilots, and are letting their customers decide what they want to watch. Read More »

TV Review: Supernatural – “LARP and the Real Girl”

Sam and Dean go LARPing with guest star Felicia Day in Supernatural's very funny "LARP and the Real Girl." Read More »

A Conversation with Jane Espenson: Part Two

Marriage equality web sitcom Husbands is a big hit, as creator Jane Espenson explains in this new interview for Blogcritics. Read More »

TV Review: Supernatural – “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo”

Guest star Felicia Day Carries This Week's Supernatural. Read More »

Comic Book Review: The Guild: Bladezz by Felicia Day and Sean Becker

Felicia Day's Guild showcases the secret origin of Finn Smulders, Model Extraordinaire! Read More »