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Hurricane-Force Politics: Ron Paul Nostalgic For 1900, the Year a Big One Killed 8,000

How can Ron Paul wax nostalgic for the days when so many died in a hurricane that their bodies were buried at sea? Or when the only government assistance was free whiskey to the men charged with clearing the corpses? Read More »

Cato Policy Perspectives 2011; The State of the Federal Budget

Comparing the approaches to balancing the budget. Read More »

Courting Failure

President Obama is losing an opportunity to put his stamp on the federal judiciary. Read More »

Google Apologizes For Federal Trade Commission Act Violations

Google apologizes for Buzz, and the Federal Trade Commission issues a stern warning message on privacy protections. Read More »

New Internet Cookies Rule To Be Enforced in the European Union

European online advertisers race to comply with the new EU cookies directive while in the US, efforts are being made to expand to a "Do Not Track" system. Read More »

A Bowl a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Medical Marijuana in the U.S. should be made legal. Read More »

DVD Review: First Monday In October

Walter Matthau and Jill Clayburgh try to bring life to the film version of the stage play First Monday in October. Read More »

Music Review: The Definitive Collection of Federal Records (1964-1982)

A nice overview of a very fertile 18-year period of Jamaican musical history, and a good documentation of the Federal label’s contribution to that history. Read More »

A History of Cost Overruns Should Squash Government-Run Health Care

Government-run health care is a financial boondoggle waiting to happen. Read More »