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First Step in Fixing the Federal Budget: Eliminate the Bush Tax Cuts

Does it seem the worse our federal budget woes become and the more bad news we get regarding our economy the more smiles we see on the face of Republican politicians and pundits? Read More »

Budget Cuts Urgent, But Fighting Child Hunger More Important

Hunger-fighting programs are some of the most inexpensive foreign policy initiatives you will find. Read More »

House Members Try to Eliminate Food for Peace Program

With nearly one billion people hungry worldwide now is not the time to cut hunger fighting programs. Read More »

Budget: What Budget?

A budget or the lack of a budget is an elephant in the living room of a business. Read More »

What Reagan Called “Instrument of American Compassion” Facing Budget Cuts

With nearly a billion people suffering from hunger, this is not the time to be slashing food aid. Read More »

Seeing the Good

Seeing the human good in those we oppose allows us to open the doors for real solutions to emerge. Read More »

Congress: Food Aid Budget Cuts a Disaster

Budget cuts to food aid will put millions of lives at risk and be a disaster for our foreign policy. Read More »

Republicans Have Offered No Vision For Their Cuts

The GOP's lack of coherence has left natural allies worried about 'reckless cutting.' Read More »

President Obama’s Home Energy Cuts a Test for GOP

Some in the GOP are waking up to the fact that painful budget cuts might actually anger the folks who vote for them. Read More »

Congress Planning Food Aid Cuts as Global Hunger Crisis Escalates

With nearly one billion people suffering from hunger worldwide, members of Congress are pushing for food aid cuts. Read More »