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Book Review: Jump-Starting Real Job Creation in America by Gary R. Patterson

Complex ideas in simple terms Read More »

Balancing Budget is Hot Congressional Issue

Balancing the federal budget is critical. Read More »

Singing Telegrams, Congress and Food Aid

With famine in East Africa and many other hunger crisis points unfolding, food aid needs to be bolstered, not reduced. Read More »

Cutting Food Aid Programs Dangerous to National Security

While some members of Congress may think it prudent now to cut food aid programs to save a few dollars, think again. Read More »

Want to Cut Spending and Build Peace? Invest in Child Nutrition

If Congress is serious about savings, then it should look to investing in child nutrition at home and abroad. Read More »

Obama, Congress, Global Hunger and Plumpy’nut

History will judge this administration and Congress on how they respond to emergency food crisis Read More »

Interview: Nora O’Connell of Save the Children

Budget cuts ought not to come at the expense of children and their families who regularly go to bed hungry. Read More »

Happy Birthday to Ike’s Food for Peace, But Will There Be More?

The House of Representatives has proposed reducing Food for Peace funding. Read More »

Interview: Robert Zachritz of World Vision on Budget Cuts to Food Aid

Is cutting Food for Peace and other hunger fighting programs the right place to go with nearly 1 billion hungry. Read More »

In Federal Budget Debate, Let There be no Sacred Cows; or Sacred Horses

You know that there is something wrong with the federal government when horses get better treatment than the average American taxpayer. Read More »