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Patriot Act Extended

National security gets a boost. Read More »

Net Neutrality: Another Win for Losing

This is the same House that voted 228-192 on a bill to defund National Public Radio last month. Read More »

How Al Gore (and I) Invented the Internet (and Real Net Neutrality)

A reminiscence with a point to it regarding Net Neutrality. Read More »

Mobile DTV Standards: To Tune or Not to Tune

A recent FCC ruling affects the new mobile/handheld DTV standard. Read More »

The Google and Verizon Saga: For Better or For Worse?

Google and Verizon have begun an illicit romance despite the nay-saying of newspapers, journalists, and citizens. Will their new deal be embraced? Read More »

How Can Residential Gateways Spur Competition?

A universal provider gateway concept could be flawed. Read More »

Are These Our Rights as Americans? You Decide — Part II

Highlighting free speech and a free press. Read More »

TV Review: Saturday Night Live‘s Season Premiere – Sex May Sell, But It Isn’t Funny

SNL's season opener provides few laughs, but a lot of talking points. Read More »